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Mobile Website Builder is an off line web site builder for Windows and Apple Macintosh, meaning it has to be downloaded to your desktop.

The drag-and-fall based website builder was created to construct small-moderate sized sites, landing pages, portfolios, and similar low-functionality sites.

It's promoted as user friendly for non-techies, minimalist, and absolutely free (even for commercial use).

If Mobile Website Builder can rise to the challenge let's see.

Builders don't need to much of an introduction. Entrepreneurs startups and small businesses rely on their online existence to be kickstarted by them, plus they generally wish to reach that as easily and as fast as you possibly can.

The downloadable file is relatively little, installment is lightning fast, and there's no forms to complete at any given period.

It went from a .zip file on my desktop computer to a ready-to-roll web site builder in an issue of seconds. Impressive.

The page development capabilities of a website builder help define it as a platform. When it comes to page constructing, Mobile Website Builder stays true to its emphasis on minimalism.

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As previously mentioned, this pre-defined design boundary will, in a way, push users towards making a web site that looks great, as opposed to leaving them to their very own, (often inexperienced) devices.

To put it differently, should you suck as web design, you'll love the method of web site building of Mobile Website Builder.

This technique helps to ensure that users remains within a pre-defined border when it comes to design, with only enough wiggle-room to make some customizations. Customizations include; background colours, images, videos, text, history pictures, show/hide aligning that is content, components, and much more.

They will be added shortly, although there aren't any standalone templates however. Additionally, it is possible to choose from a number of page blocks that are different, piecing them together in a combinationandmatch fashion to create a one-pager design website.

There's a wholesome balance hit here. The customization choices are not going to enable you to assemble anything radically exceptional, but there is only enough there to help place your own stamp on your web site.

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Because the page blocks of Mobile Website Builder are therefore nicely assembled, it's particularly. They include a selection of full-page types, advice blocks, maps, sliders, a pricing table, and much more.

Upon hovering, each block offers three buttons in the top-proper; Drag Block, Block Parameters and Delete Block.

The first option enables you to drag-and-fall the block below blocks, basically rearranging your site like Lego and above. The Delete Block button is fairly self explanatory.

Further customization could be achieved by pointing and clicking on page elements. Otherwise referred to as inline editing. For instance, hitting a "Down Load" button brings up options to modify the buttons color, and edit the text right-there and then.

To add a brand new page to the existing homepage, you are able to visit the menu on the left, "Pages", and then "Produce New Page". Additional page alternatives enable you edit filenames, to clone webpages, place page titles, and include meta descriptions.

As for the Block Parameters button, this brings those customizations, letting you edit the block in question up. Block kinds that are distinct comes with parameters that are distinct, too.

As an example, a navigation menu block will give you the option to really make the menu tacky, meaning that it will scroll down the page together with the visitor; remaining observable at all times.

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Now is a great time to highlight the velocity of Mobile Website Builder. All the above settings, re page blocks and edited page components - and it absolutely was a piece of cake. Mobile Website Builder is responsive and fast as a website builder ought to be.

Likewise, you are able to add a brand-new website from the same side menu, by clicking "Sites" and "Generate New Site".

Mobile Website Builder presents a grid-listing of your present sites on that menu, enabling you to quickly change between projects. Ideal for a programmer with multple customers, one might say.

The website manager section also allows you put in a Google-Analytics tracking code, delegate a favicon, and to export a web site.

When it comes to truly publishing your site, you are given a few options by Mobile Website Builder.

You'll be able to print it to your local drive, upload it via FTP or use Google Drive. All three alternatives appear to function good, plus they are solid choices to make use of, too.

Mobile Website Builder has a few extra features which help round off it.

Firstly, there's the ability to preview your website in tablet computer view desktop computer view and smart-phone view. Simply to ensure these pages that are responsive are searching spam and spcik.

Plus, you can preview the website in your browser.

You can even import and export in case you are seeking to talk about your work with someone else, or transfer one website between two different accounts or apparatus websites, which can be cool.

The amount of customisation that a newbie can implement is of a degree that is good. There is limits on what can be created, which means they won't get lost in any complex menus. More experienced users can delve further into customization via the Code Editor extension.

I am also impressed with the quality of the blocks which is often dragged-and-dropped in to location. They are the foundations of Mobile Website Builder, with each one looking highly professional from the box, and they're brilliantly designed.

There are enough extensions and page blocks to play with. A couple styles that are more distinct will provide just enough choice to make sure that users aren't always building similar looking sites.

There are a few extensions bundled. These are; type builder, Fb Comments, Sound Cloud, Code Editor & Google Analytics, Google Maps, Instagram pictures, Disqus opinions.

Mobile Website Builder is an incredibly easy site builder, and I'm a large fan because that is precisely what it aims to be.


-- set up and Mobile Website Builder is easy and incredibly quick to download.

-- Lego-like page blocks might be dragged-and-dropped into place, helping users build web sites that already look fantastic.

-- All the pre-designed blocks are professional-looking and slick.

-- Customization options are very good, allowing for many alterations that are useful. A discretionary Code Editor extension also provides complete control to experienced users.


-- You can upload the completed website Google Drive, via FTP or to a server that is local.

-- Easy to manage multiple websites.

-- Tablet Pc, Browser and previews that are smartphone are often accessible.

-- Everything is responsive, fast and bug-free. Mobile Website Builder is not truly unpleasant to use.


-- Not a hosted alternative.

-- Not many extensions in any way.

Mobile Website Builder will now be high on my record of recommendations, if a website building newcomer asks me to point them in the direction of an entirely free site builder. I am that amazed.

I expected to locate some bugs somewhere along the path. Perhaps an unresponsive button or a slowly reacting page component. But I found nothing of the sort. Mobile Website Builder is a fantasy to use.

The only real difficulty I can see is that a site builder that is newbie will flinch at the idea of being forced to find an internet hosting environment for his or her web site that is Mobile Website Builder. They would much prefer a hosted alternative to take care of those technicalities.

But in the event the idea of hosting and uploading your own web site does not worry you, I'd strongly recommend providing Mobile Website Builder a whirl.

Anyway, itis a totally free platform that takes under one minute to set up, can be utilized by anyone, and will be hosted anywhere. What more could you need?

Mobile Website eventually took the wraps off its offline application for creating sites in a drag-and-fall interface. The long-awaited applications is now available for Windows, Mac, humanoid devices, and our critique!

As its title implies, Mobile Website Builder was created in mind with the multi-screen world. The platform operates out-of-the-box and requires minimal expertise to create and edit sites. However, what causes it to be unique?

Having reviewed over site builders of all kinds that are possible, we could confidently say that Mobile Website Maker offer is not quite common. Join this new commodity being tested by us.

Unlike the majority of site builders that work in your browser, Mobile Website Builder is an offline application which you must download and install on your own personal computer. Although the method is fast and intuitive, it might be a roadblock for all those preferring building sites in the cloud.

Fully being a downloadable app is both a bonus and a disadvantage. For example, Mobile Website Builder allows you work offline in your site from any location; no Internet connection required. What's more, with Mobile Website Builder you are not limited to just one service supplier - you're free to release your web site whenever you need. But on the other hand, this approach makes it difficult to work on your site, as there're no on-line accounts, like in Wix or Weebly.

Apart from the offline dilemma, there's nothing to worry about. The system has a userfriendly WYSIWYG editing environment which makes the method of web site creation a matter of drag-and-fall.

In case you do not feel like downloading the applications right away, here's a brief video that reveals what to anticipate from Mobile Website Builder in terms of ease of use:

Mobile Website Builder was created to not build large /moderate websites, landing pages, portfolios, promo sites for providers, events and products, so it is more centered on the visual aspect, rather than significant functionality.

Therefore, the builder lets you easily create beautiful web pages using prepared blocks and elements, such as sliders, image galleries, contact forms, Google Maps, social networking buttons, and menus, amongst others. Additional features include the Posts attribute and also parallax scrolling, which is actually a solution that is easy to include a website to your own internet site.

Users begin with a blank page which can be populated with any sort of content. You can then edit, remove and add new components to the webpage. Fonts utilizing the Google fonts characteristic can be customized by users.

All Mobile Website Builder sites are mobile-prepared from the start. The preview pub enables you to see what your site looks like across various devices.

Other than some articles that are general and twenty instructional videos, there're no assistance components that are categorized available. You'll be able to contact devs that are Mobile Website Builder directly via a media channel that is social or electronic mail. We discovered that Mobile Website Builder are especially active on their Fb accounts.

Mobile Website Builder is free, for both business and non profit use.

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Once your web site is ready, you'll be able to decide where to host your web site (while with most site builders you can not transfer your site from their hosts). It is free, give it a try .